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I have a quest to capture Minecraft; its beauty, wonderment and creativity. This are but a few, of my many to come shots of the world we call Minecraft.

I hope you will enjoy my quest to capture -- it will be quite an adventure!


Hai :D
Thu Oct 16, 2014, 6:08 AM
I made a happy little mountain-top house in survival the other day. It's design was one of function and looks. It was designed to make me feel good to be in.
Fri Sep 26, 2014, 8:34 PM
Over 10k pageviews and over 350 watchers. Pretty sweet milestones! Thanks everyone!
Wed Sep 17, 2014, 5:08 PM
Image scheduled for posting at 7pm (19:00) this evening. That's less than an hour from now!
Sat Sep 6, 2014, 4:39 PM
I love how using Chunky lets me design the feeling of an image. I can make it do practially everything I want. It gives me so much creative freedom -- it's a photographer's dream.
Tue Sep 2, 2014, 9:40 PM
Currently working on another image of Lapiz Point. This one is really cool. I've been learning a ton while making it. I've made probably 10 test renders of it so far, to make sure I'm using the right settings. Wish me luck!
Tue Sep 2, 2014, 8:57 PM
Another image being posted in less than an hour. It's another one of Lapiz Point. Yey!
Tue Sep 2, 2014, 5:12 PM
Hey, I'm shouting in the shoutbox XD By the way, can't wait to see those new images
Sun Aug 31, 2014, 7:44 PM
I have a really big back-log of images and I'mn making new ones all the time. I just don't have the time to post them! Haha, it's so messed up. ;)
Sat Aug 30, 2014, 2:32 PM


Random Things Will Appear Below . . . Sometimes my Projects


MinecraftPhotography's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Photography
United States
Hello, my name is Declan, or RIVANE in Minecraft.

Contact me through if you feel using a deviantART note or comment is not an option for you (or if you'd rather not have to make a deviantART account just to contact me.).

I am an amateur photographer who is applying his photography and photo editing skills to capture Minecraft. I enjoy finding various builds and getting to know their creator(s) if I can. If you have anything in Minecraft that you'd like me to document, contact me and let me know -- I might just have some free time!

In case you're wondering what I do, I'll explain. I have this urge to capture whatever is awesome or beautiful in Minecraft. Whether that means it's something someone built or a beautiful natural scene, doesn't matter, so long as it's exceptional in some way, I'll capture and share it.

You may come to realize that I document a lot of Minecraft builds, most of which I have had no part in building. One role I like to play is the 'documentary photographer'. I feel a need to document things in Minecraft because, sadly, they do not always last. Sometimes servers shutdown, or things get destroyed. I don't want people's work to be completely lost, so I do what I can to preserve their efforts. There's also just a lot of amazing stuff out there that I just have to share.

I aim to capture a build and then present it in an artistic (Usually photographic) way, while still retaining high-detail of the build. I am constantly evolving and adapting my techniques to improve the end result. Whenever possible, I credit the builder and the server on which the build was created. I also don't hold back, all my images are downloadable and modifiable, if you see a use for them, you're welcome to them! Just please be sure to credited me, (MinecraftPhotography) the builder(s) and the server -- we all put in a lot of effort for you to have the image!

As I stated before, if you have anything you'd like me to document, contact me. If it's really good, I'll probably share it on my page. It would be a pleasure to talk with you!
I have a problem. I have several images that show progress of my builds and I want to share them with my watchers, but I don't want to stuff my gallery full of progress images.

I thought earlier that I could use something like Twitter or Instagram. The idea was that I would post the photos on there and then I wouldn't be filling my gallery with progress images. But I realized anything I post off-site of dA won't get nearly as much attention from my watchers than it would on my dA page. So what's the point in even doing that?

My current solution is to post a progress image of what I'm building to my MinecraftPhotography deviantART page, but when I have another update photo or a different angle to post, I won't post that in a new image. What I will do is replace the first image with the updated one. (I can simply update the original. I've done this to several of my images when I find they need better editing or a watermark.) I will write a description of the build and it's current state when I post the first progress image. When I update the image, I will also update the description, but I will keep the original text as well. I will date every edit so people can see how the build has progressed.
When I have finally finished the build, I will make a final image of it (at my standard of quality) and update the file and the description for it. I do not yet know if at that point I would post the image as if I hadn't been updating it at all. (I.e. if I keep all the description text from the past images.)

I'm excited about this whole idea of updating and showing progress images because it will do several good things. It will show more of a build and it's process; it will not fill my gallery with lesser-quality images of unfinished builds; it will give my watchers an experience because they will all be notified when I update the image.

A friend of mine suggested I could submit things to my Scraps gallery, but I realized not very many of my watchers would see those because watching someone's scraps is not a default choice. Perhaps I could do this later if I wanted only my more active watchers to view things.

What do you think about all of this? I am very excited about it and depending on the feedback I get from you all, I may soon start posting progress images!
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Swoosh . . . here's episode three!

Episode three is the last episode from my first recording session. I have two other recording sessions recorded, and one of them has been edited.


I've been working on a render of a Lapiz Point street for the past . . . 82 and a half hours. It's pretty cool, and it's very nearly done! Just about two more hours left on it!
I was planning to take it to 10k SPP, but I decided that 3.5k looks pretty decent. I'll save some power and just do 3.5k.
I am seriously excited to show off this image. I really love it.


I recently did some server documentation work for someone who contacted me through dA. I took lots of images. Some of them will be posted to MCP, but many of them are references for me to make renders of the same scene once I can access the server's map. Once I get some renders going, I'll be able to throw those images in with Shathur City and Lapiz Point images I have yet to post. It'll be good to post an image of a different world each post, rather than a bunch of the same world.


I have started thinking about doing server features! How I'm thinking that might work would be for someone to, out-of-the-blue, contact me on dA and ask me to check out there server. I may also feature servers I come across or have had experience on. I'll probably have a list of things the server has to meet (things like: is the server playable, does it have good upkeep, are the staff good and just, is it fuuuun?). If the server can pass those things, then I will make a formal journal post about the server giving links to their website (if they have one) and links to whatever else is needed. There'd also be a description of the server that I would write or the server owner or staff member would write.
I would also feature the server in any deviations I would post that would have content from the sever.

I'm pretty excited about this idea, and I hope you are too! It's still in the extremely early stages, but I hope I can make it work . . . stay tuned!


End Update.

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Going to be modding Minecraft soon for making time-lapses!
Work In Progress | Mountain Spire Castle (2/--) by MinecraftPhotography
Work In Progress | Mountain Spire Castle (2/--)
I'm really excited for this build!

This is one of my own builds! I started it a week ago on 10/3/14.

The way my work in progress images will work is like this: I will post the initial image and description of the creation and then continue to update that same image and description until I am done with the build. I will do this because I don't want to fill my main gallery with a bunch of images of one build. (I may at a later date post multiple angles of one creation in one image.) Once I complete the build, there will be a final image I will post that will be very high quality, and to go along with that, I may also provide a download of the build as "Premium Content".

Excited? I am!

Second Update
October 12th 2014

This image is a night shot of the exterior of the castle.

Not too much progress has been made to the exterior. Certainly nothing large enough to bother taking a new image. What I have done, though, is start to hollow out the spire. Unfortunetly the inside of the build is not ready to be previewed, so I decided to show a shot of the castle at night.

I used TNT and also just regular clicking (I'm building this in creative.) to dig. I've dug down to almost my most-recently added tower, which is square (cannot be seen in this image). It's going to be a challenge to figure out how I want things to look inside of the spire in terms of natural-looking support. Can I make the inside look possible with natural-looking or man-made supports? I hope so!

I plan to do either much more work to the outside of the castle (perhaps something like another large tower or a walkway) or some finishing work to the inside of the spire where I'm hollowing it out. I have a walkway inside the hollow and I hope to have that over-look the first interior level. I may want to grow trees inside or have a fountain at the top level that goes down to the others.

If this build goes well and I decide to expand the build to farther down the spire (such as in the form of a spire city),then I will probably make a spin-off series covering that.
First Update
October 11th, 2014

This is my Spire Castle. I haven't built too much of it yet, but I have made several towers and walkways, so far. The idea is to build a castle on, in, and around a very tall spire I found in my Minecraft world.

I've had a lot of fun, so far, making the larger towers, which has required me to step out of my comfort zone and use stairs (Ha, do you get it? Step . . . stairs. . . .).
The walkways (One of which you can see in this update image. It is the glass in the side of the spire.) have been very challenging. It's hard to get them to run fluidly with the spire.
I've only recently started to dig into the spire and make some walkways and rooms. I plan to dig out a lot of the spire and make it hollow, but I also want to build supports to make it look like the hollowness is both man-made and possible -- not just reliant on Minecraft physics.

I am hoping to expand this castle a lot. I want it to go down at least a little farther, perhaps more. I'm not yet sure what I'm going to do with the interior, but I might make a large space in the middle where you can see down the inside of the spire.
Since this spire is so tall (practically from sea-level to max-build-height), I doubt I can build the castle on all of it because that would be huge. Perhaps I will build a city underneath the castle on the way down to the ground?

Image Information,

Image captured while running Minecraft 1.7.2

Texture pack: _1.7__R3D.CRAFT_DR-128x_v0.1.5

Shader pack: SEUS v10.0 Ultra No Blur
A Distant Spire by MinecraftPhotography
A Distant Spire
I don't know if you've noticed, but I like spires!

In my last (A Builder At Noon) scrap's description I talked about the one image I had of a huge mountain-top castle. Well, all the image shows is one of it's grand towers, or spires. It had one or two more, I think.

It's a little hard to tell, because the clouds get in the way, but the tower has an almost triangular, gigantic window up the side of it in the top third of the tower. There's also lapis-lazuli blocks that accent the windows in a triangular shape that goes the opposite direction of the window.

I really wish I had more images of these tower spire thingies I made. They were fairly simple, but I was proud of them. I used the principals I learned while making the towers in the towers of this build: Work In Progress | Mountain Spire Castle (1/--).

About from the vantage point from where I took this image I had started making a 101 blocks in diameter tower. My plan for that was to build the tower to max build height, and then build cities inside of the tower, each one on a different level. Unfortunately I never got to build the tower more than a few blocks high, but as you will see in later scrap images, I finally built my giant tower, and it was next to my most popular build (Underway - Minecraft Build) the whole time. ;)
A Builder At Noon by MinecraftPhotography
A Builder At Noon
I feel this is a good image to start off my scraps.

I took this a cool image of a builder who was hanging out above me while I was talking with them in chat. I think were we discussing a land deal where he would sell me some land (normally several gold bars) at a reduced price (just a few bars), if I did an aerial high-res image of the town he was building. The image worked out and I got the land at the reduced price. I had huge plans for making a giant underground cave city that I never got to finish because the owner took a disliking to me and banned me. I did make a small underground lair and a little above ground farm in the land I purchased. Oh, I also built a couple incredibly fun and server-lagging mod grinders.
Of elsewhere in the server I started to build a huge mountaintop castle. I found an image that barely has one of the castle spires in the background (keep your eye out!). Sadly, I also never got to finish this mountaintop castle.

The server I was on at the time of this image is the same server I took the image Quest to Capture--The Enterprise on. I have several more images coming from this server. One, maybe two of them are of my insane mob grinders on that server. (They were so powerful I could make the server unplayable . . . at will -- it would lag so badly. Then I could throw a potion of harming and give people 30+ XP levels. It got a little insane and I can't say the staff were happy with it.;))

Anyway, that's the first of my scrap images. Many more to come . . . enjoy!

Brace Yourselves, Scraps Are Coming! 

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